Dec 20, 2018

Two Great Clubs Working Together as One!


Hello Southwest Soccer Parents!


As we approach the 2019 soccer season we have some exciting news with respect to the soccer programs at both Southwest and Oakridge.  Starting in 2019 the registration and administration for both clubs will be shared.  By doing this we are able to take advantage of a shrinking pool of volunteers, achieve some cost savings, provide some cross playing opportunities at some age divisions, and the possibility to combine players at age groups where one or both clubs do not have enough players to field a team.


So what this means to you? Starting in January 2019 you will register for summer soccer using the Power Up system.  All registrations will be on line with instructions found at the following link:  The old registration site is no longer in use.  You will need to set up an account in Power Up if you do not already have one, using your e-mail address.


The actual registration will occur at our joint Power Up site at:


When you register please ensure you choose the Southwest location options if you wish to play on Southwest area fields.  The locations are the same as last season, however there may be some changes to the playing and practice nights.  This information can be found here:


Fees have dropped slightly due to the amalgamation savings by the two clubs working together!


On the registration form there is a section to indicate a friend you wish to play with in 2019.  We will do our best to match up these requests!


For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at our new e-mail:


Thank you and looking forward to a great 2019 soccer season!

PS: Southwest still has a competitive league. Please visit "" for information.